At Westerlund, we believe in individual possibility. We believe our clients are supernovas with massive power inside of them, and it is our pleasure to help bring that light out. Right now, Westerlund is a one-person start-up powered by expertise, experience and enthusiasm.

We think having an ambition and a dream is the most beautiful thing in the world. Don't you agree?


You are unique & different
Why shouldn't your marketing be?


Digital Marketing is personal.

You are nothing like anybody else, then why do you need to learn from templates on how to promote yourself? You can post as many as “Three Things You Must Know“ blogs as you wish, draining your passion, energy and talent.

You have a great product, and it deserves to be seen. You are a great person, and I want to help you succeed.

At Westerlund, we

  • Support you 100%. Your growth is our growth!

  • Help you decide what your next steps is with your business.

  • Create unique copies according to your business’s niche.

  • Design everything specifically for your product.

  • Track and analyze results so we can make improvements

If you get what I’m saying. If you feel the same way, give your business a chance to truly vocalize. Come talk to us.

Are you ready to take the spotlight?

GenM  certified Digital Marketer

GenM certified Digital Marketer