Three Fatal Digital Marketing Mistakes

Yes, marketing. Oh, marketing!

I cannot count how many times a day I see posts asking for marketing help and tips. Angry gifs are probably very accurate descriptions of our feelings when we first began to tackle that term: marketing.

I say this because I was at the same place a few years ago. Before I dedicated myself to learning marketing like a professional, I went around and spoke about social media and branding as well. It took me a few fail to understand what I was doing wrong. Some of those fails were nasty and costly. Some were devastating that at one point I lost my spirit to become a professional digital marketer.

I became so frustrated because none of the things I was doing was bringing results, and that was the same things other people said that played magic and brought in five, six, seven figures of revenue to their businesses.

But did you know that 90% people are making these three marketing mistakes without knowing?

Well, I’m about to tell you the secrets behind successful (and failed) marketing, so keep on reading!

  1. Forgetting that marketing is how you see yourself

    When I hear someone talk about marketing and immediately goes to how to run your social media accounts, how to create an email campaign, and how to brand yourself (yes, this one especially!), I cringe.


    Well, because that is not marketing!

    Don’t get me wrong: social media, email campaigns, paid traffic - and of course, having a brand identity, are all crucial elements in creating a successful business.

    But come on, that’s not marketing!

    You are about to get the golden advice, so don’t stop now!


    Here it comes:

    Marketing is how you see yourself, don’t you forget that.

    It is about where you see yourself in the market and what role you see your business playing. It is what you find is unique about your business, and how you perceive yourself making use of your advantages and influence other people.

    Self-understanding is all that matters, because it will serve as the overarching strategy that will guide your branding, your campaigns, your offline activities and all the other fancies in the business world. When we talk about branding or advertising, we are assuming that we have gone through the self-analysis stage, which is what marketing really is about.

    Here are a few good places to start with correctly plan your marketing strategy:

    • Your personal mission statement

    • Your closest business support network

    • Your business coach, if there is one

    • Your business plan

  2. Relying too much on Social Media

    Social media is so hot right now.

    And tell you what: regardless of the recent earthquakes happened to companies like Facebook and Google, and the growth of activist groups such as Free From Facebook — social media is not likely to die down in the upcoming few years.

    Because it’s the power of connection is enormous and irreplaceable.

    So I get why we talk so magnificently about social media management and content creation. I understand why every single business wants to win this social media game. Every day I see people asking how they can “increase their online presence” and engage through social media. Every hour I see a post talking about the frustration of how their social media accounts aren’t taking off.

    But here are the things:

    • Not every business need to take social media marketing as their priority.

    • Not every business use social media for customer conversion

    • Social media content and social media marketing are two different things!

    • Social media marketing should not be FREE!

  3. Jumping into new platforms too quickly

    One most important thing about marketing is staying ahead of the trends. If we do not have the technological capability to create a new direction: a platform, software, mechanism, etc.… we at least don’t want to be left out of it.

    But have you thought about jumping into new platforms too quickly could actually harm your business?

    Oh, yes. I’m dead serious here.

    So keep reading!

    All you need to do is to think it this way:

    Every time you launch a new platform as your marketing strategy, you are investing time and energy to learn about that platform, or spending money to hire a professional (usually not cheap) to power that marketing strategy for you.

    And you didn’t even know if that new platform suited your business yet!

    Now, let me clarify: I’m 100% supportive of using new platforms for your company’s marketing. This is one of the most crucial element to keep your company’s marketing strategy robust and active.

    Scroll down.

    Here are a few latest platforms that had just become popular:

    • Chatbot

      Chatbot will be one of the most important marketing tools in the upcoming years. Some chatbot providers are affordable. However, it requires accurate understandings of consumer psychology and customer behavioral patterns to create successful chatbots. The more open and abstract a business is, the more challenging it becomes to build an effective chatbot.

    • Funnels

      Represented by Click Funnel, funnel marketing has gained the spotlight in the past few years and is continually growing.

      The flexibility funnels have that allows business owners to avoid building a website and guide consumers step-by-step through a journey nearly is the biggest hook.

      But have you checked the lowest subscription amount of Click Funnels, and the cost of a business subscription? Is this an investment you’re willing to make before studying and researching?

    • Video marketing

      Video marketing will continue to gain importance. That’s why creating useful videos is more vital than ever. Now the question is, do you know what you are doing with your video campaigns? Do you have the budget to hire a professional or even a coach on that aspect?


Remember: The easiest way to avoid these mistakes is learning.

Educate yourself before making a decision, or leave the marketing decisions to a professional who cares about your business growth.

90% of people are making these marketing mistakes because they are micro-managing things they don’t fully understand. This may save money at the beginning, but it harms your business in the long term. If you don’t understand what marketing is, educate yourself. Invest in your own development as a business owner, or find someone whom you don’t need to waste time on micro-managing.

Now scroll down a bit further…