Here's what happened...

I wanted to share with you what happend to a new client who came to me in despair.

She was a personal friend, but she had only known me as an artist, not a business owner. It was during our conversation that I found out what was happening to her new business website, and I offered my service.

What Happened?

What happend was, she paid an agency $500 for a simple website.
She thought it was a fair deal, because it was a really easy site.
It's basically just a landing page and a few info pages.
It's like tossing content (she wrote) onto a webpage.

So, yea... she thought... 500 sounds about right.

Then this agency she hired for 500 for a year disappeared.

They stopped responding to her emails.
They refused to make any updates to her website.
They practically went MIA.

The Consequences

Now, here's the thing...

She runs a gallery.
She needs to constantly update her website for new shows and exhibitions.
She, herself, is not tech-savvy - a fantastic curator, but by no means a website admin.

And when she spoke with me, as I brought my own art down for exhibiting...
...the overwhelm in her voice pierced through my heart.

I mean...
Her very first closing reception is coming up this week, but she couldn't even update any related info on her website.

At that point...
...I can almost visualize her frustration (and that's not because I'm also an artist with a visual mindset.)

You see... here's the thing.

I hate mediocre "agencies" like the one she ran into.
They are the reason why "digital marketing" got such a scammy reputation nowadays.


A Word Of Advice

I tell a lot of people:
Make an investment in your business.

It doesn't matter if it's your website or your social media management.

You don't choose the cheapest doctor for your family...
...rather, you find someone with experience and who is trustworthy.

You don't buy the cheapest car you can find from a lot...
... because frankly, those cars probably get you into a wreck w/in the first week.

Then why?
Why would you go with the cheapest business service/partner?

Investing in your newly-started business is a scary thing.
I get it.
...what's scarier is that you are putting yourself into untrustworthy hands.

And that's why I always say this to my clients.

I say:
Yes, I can give you a quote on this, right here & right now.
But I'd rather find out what your expectations are by purchasing this service from me.
Because I need to make sure I'm giving you that value you are paying for.
I'm not just quoting you a website.
I'm quoting you that value you came to me for.