Pros & Cons of Squarespace Email Campaign

Have you noticed?

One of Squarespace’s biggest end-of-the-year present to its users is the activation of Email Marketing System. It is free with any subscription of the Business Plan or Above.


Since so many of us are drawn to Squarespace’s simple click-and-drag design platform, it is important to stay informed and educated on the platform’s new releases.

But you are probably wondering:

Why should I use this new release function…

… when I am already using platforms such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and even Emma — which has a robust customer service team?

That’s why I’m showing you these Pros & Cons of Squarespace Campaign.


I will also give you some predictions, because Squarespace is one of the fastest growing platforms right now.

Consider this my Christmas gift for everone :)



As a new-born function, Squarespace Campaign has some very impressive pros.

1. Squarespace compatible

Of course…

Squarespace Email Campaign is designed to be compatible with your Squarespace site.

But do you know…

… that this Campaign system can automatically pull out the title and meta information from your blog posts?

This is what I consider the biggest pro of the new Squarespace Email Campaign.

Squarespace Campaign allows quick insertion of auto-linked Blog items.

Squarespace Campaign allows quick insertion of auto-linked Blog items.

You simply choose a newsletter template that displays blog information…

Click on the block…

And Voila, you can check the blog posts you’d like to include in this newsletter.

But wait…

… there are more.

It takes your website subscription into the system automatically.

It doesn’t have the “double-opt-in” requirements like the ones any third-party platforms will have.

It already has your business information. No need to setup anything additional…

Pretty good deal, right?

2. Beautiful Templates

You probably already know Mailchimp.

I mean…

The “basic” click-and-drag templates and all that.

Do you like them? Are you satisfied with them?


Most business owners I met do not know much about coding.

Squarespace Campaign offers beautiful, responsive templates.

Squarespace Campaign offers beautiful, responsive templates.

Even if they are “tech-savvy,” chances are they’d rather not code an email newsletter template themselves.


You want your email to look modern and professional.

And it better be responsive because we mostly read on our mobile devices nowadays.

And this…

Is exactly what Squarespace Email Campaign has in the house for you.

Squarespace earned most of its spotlight at the early stage of business with their wonderfully designed templates.

And they carried on with this beautiful tradition.

3. Click And Add System

The Squarespace Campaign system inherited the company’s user-friendly click-and-drag design system.

To activate, simply choose the “Scratch” template.

Now look…

The idea of Squarespace is it being a simple platform that anybody can use and succeed in.

The whole point is…

… you don’t need to know coding to send beautiful emails.

And nothing fulfills this better than a click-and-add system.

Squarespace Campaign uses a simple click-and-add system

Squarespace Campaign uses a simple click-and-add system

When we start with a blank scratch, all we need to do is clicking on the “+” symbol that appears in the template.

You see…

Because a one-column layout works better on the mobile, Squarespace campaign by default creates a one-column design flow.

The available blocks include:

Text, Images, Button, Spacer, Line, Blog and Product.

By dragging existing blocks, a user can easily rearrange the sequence of each element.


Of course…

As a new system, Squarespace Campaign is immature to say the least. Here are a few Cons if you are considering using their email system.

1. Lack of Automation Options


Right now, the only automation allowed by Squarespace Campaign is the Welcome Message.

It also only sends to organic subscribers.

Which means…

Only people who subscribed via website forms will receive the welcome message.


… those manually added to the list does not have this treatment.


… automation is one of the keys to successful campaigns nowadays.

Without the automation function, Squarespace Campaign can only be used for simple newsletters such as a monthly blast.

2. No Coding Allowed

Squarespace itself is a close-sourced platform.

Unlike Wordpress…

which shows you every part of your website…

Squarespace sites and design templates are exclusive.

So unlike Mailchimp…

which has the option to import your own coded template…

Squarespace Campaign doesn’t allow the option of coding at all.

This is quite inconvenient, because not only there is no import option, the click-and-add system doesn’t have a coding block either.

3. No scheduling

To my extreme surprise, Squarespace Campaign doesn’t allow scheduled emails at this point.

While I could work around the other two cons mentioned above, not being able to pre-schedule my emails is…

Ridiculous and irritating.

You see…

It’s non-realistic expecting business owner to manually send out emails every week or every month.

We all have a workflow, and being able to schedule things…


Is possibly the key part behind the workflow’s functionality.

A Look Into The Future


Okay, let’s not be too harsh.

Here’s the thing:

Squarespace Campaign is still at its infant stage.


Let’s take a look into the future.

Here are my predictions:

  1. Scheduling and automation

    These will be the most prioritized items to be added to the Campaign system, if Squarespace truly want to secure their users into using their own marketing campaign platform.


    We all know how important it is to be able to automate your campaign…

    And free your hands.

    So if Squarespace is competing against MailChimp, Constant Contact and Emma, scheduling and automation are two indispensable functions.

  2. Coding permission

    You all know…

    That on the web-builder platform, Squarespace has a “code” block.

    Therefore, it is highly likely that this function will be integrated with Squarespace Campaign sooner or later.

    Will Squarespace ever allow full-import of pre-coded templates?

    That may be questionable.

    But there could be a Developer Mode for campaigns in the future.

    After all…

    Not all of us want to code everything from scratch

    if the templates become more flexible and customizable.

  3. Complex List Structures

    Here’s the thing:

    Squarespace Campaign will never become another MailChimp — at least not in a short period of time.

    Because email campaign is not the company’s focus.


    If Squarespace wants to be the integrated platform for all business owners as they promoted themselves to be, a more complex list structure is almost a mandatory.


    In today’s business world, audience relationships create significant differences.

    That’s why we want to add the region, birthday, age, and other demographic and geological information about our subscribers into the list…

    … so our emails can sound as personal, and be as targeted as it needs to.


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