Three Keys To Good Content Marketing For Industrial B2B Companies

Very frequently, we hear people say that B2B companies are not as sexy as B2C companies.

This statement is frequently followed by conclusions that...

  • B2B marketing lays a lighter emphasis on cool stuff: social media marketing, email marketing, etc, etc.

  • B2B marketing relies more on traditional methods of marketing and paid traffic

  • B2B marketing is dry, stiff, and less demanding

Only that none of the above-mentioned statements is true.

The reason someone would make such a declaration as if B2B marketing is still living in cave-age is simple:

They forgot, that the foundation of most, if not all marketing methods, is content.

Here's the thing:

You cannot market your business if you don't have good content.

Think about your company's promotional collaterals.

Think about your capability statement, sales brochure, and case studies.

Think about how you train your sales associates: what are you teaching them is ultimately the best, most intriguing content from your company's current marketing materials.

Industrial content marketing for manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies has become the cornerstone of digital marketing for lead generation. Today’s industrial buyers are in self-serve and self-select mode.


Before we start, let's clarify the definition of industrial companies I will be using in this article:

Industrial companies in this article stand for:

  • Manufacturers

  • Distributors

  • Construction Companies / GCs

  • Engineers

  • Industrial Service Providers / Specialty Contractors

Now, let's get into the real content: the top 5 things I learned about content marketing for Industrial B2B Company

1. Pillar Content Is The Key

Pillar content are longer content that usually falls between two to five thousand words.

As for myself, my preferred pillar content length as 2.5k to 3k, optimized for a center keyword.

Here is the thing:

Unlike the situations with a lot of B2C or general B2B service companies...

When it comes to content marketing for industrial B2B companies, fortunately --

-- your potential clients do read your content.

Surprising, right?

Because when I first got into content marketing, I was told that most people don't read the things we put out.

I was told to focus on bite-sized content, easy-consumables, etc etc...


I totally agree that easily consumable contents are a driven force when it comes to content marketing.

But think twice:

where do those a la carte content originate?

And that's when I look back at my content calendar, and realized how much I was pulling them from our pillar content.


Not only does pillar content help your business rank higher on the search engine, it is also the most precious content treasury your business owns.

2. Quality wins over quantity

When I did social media managing for other businesses, I can't remember how many times I get the "I want two posts everyday on facebook" and "who and who can post more but charges cheaper."

But the thing is:

In the world of marketing, quality always wins over quantity.

And this is even more critical when it comes to content marketing for industrial B2B companies.

Think about the prospect of an industrial B2B companies.

Think about the kind of audience we engage with.

They are, under most cases, extremely busy people - to say the least.

Usually, we are talking about:

  • engineers

  • architects

  • facility managers

  • city development officials

  • production managers

  • industrial business owners/presidents/CEOs

When they read your content, they read them very carefully as a part of service research.

I'd even go as far as saying this:

All the effort we put into content marketing, for industrial B2B businesses at least, is mostly getting ready for the moment when someone begins their research.

Because that's when you stand out from the crowd who simply re-vamp shortlists from other articles.

Or those who post all the time on Twitter without anything thats providing real value.

Or the ones who have been absolutely silent when it comes to community engagement.


... if you can keep that audience by continually providing valuable content, you are winning.

Unlike other businesses, if an industrial B2B company acquires 1500 quality followers who read through your company's content, that is more than enough to make a substantial difference in terms of business development and revenue generation.


Honestly, do not sell.

It's okay for B2C companies to push out promos - actually, it's an important part of their strategy.

It's okay for general B2B companies to push out promos to, along with some "upselling" gated content - especially webinars, courses and trainings. That's totally fine as well.

But when you are using content marketing for a niche B2B company, especially an industrial B2B company...

... and I cannot emphasize this enough...

Do Not Sell!

In other words, don't put your business - your revenue, income, sales, whatever you want to call it - in the center.

Instead, put your audience as top priority.

This sounds like such a simple theory, right?

It's practically common sense for anyone works in the world of marketing.

However, according to the Manufacturing Content Marketing 2019 report conducted by the CMI, audience is not always put front-and-center.

While manufacturing companies certainly need to explain how their products or services work, 51% of respondents said they always/frequently prioritize their sales/ promotional message, over the audience’s informational needs while creating content for content marketing purposes.

According to the study, 51% of these businesses always prioritize their audience's information needs over sales and promotion, but only 36% of them always customize their content according to the audience's stage in the buyer journey.

So if you fell out of these numbers, your content is either not providing enough value to your audience, or not even being seen at all.

The fact is cruel, but that is the reality.


We live in the age of information. We suffer the inevitable information overload and correspondently develop survival skills to sift through the enormous amount of incoming information.

What this tells us is...

Provide value to your audience according to the depth of relationship they have with you.

Because that is the only reason they will open your email, read your social media post, and actually remember your business.

Most importantly...

Stop shoveling "come talk to us" into their faces.

Because our audience is intelligent, mature, and completely capable of doing their own research. If we failed to provide them value during the research stages, screaming for sales is not going to help, either.

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