Lead Generation On Demand

Bring in qualified leads from your local market

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Local Targeting

Digital marketing does not have to be remote and vast. When you are a local business, nothing is better than finding qualified leads from your local network.

At Westerlund, we use a special targeting strategy specifically designed to bring in high-quality local leads that satisfies your demand, whether it is to increase followers of your pages, or to generate purchase-ready leads.


Automated sales funnel

We believe digital marketing and your sales process are inseparable. When we generate leads, we make sure it is integrated seamlessly into your sales process by building a care-free, fully-automated sales funnel that allows you to focus on following up without the concern of capacity.

Prefers to call? No problem - while you are making the calls, we will keep the rest of the leads warm for you.



This is not outsourcing.

As a local digital marketing firm, we believe in helping the community. By working with us, you are building a business partnership instead of a contracting relationship.

You gain access to our hand-pick networking events, sales and digital marketing training materials, even the referral network.


Explore your local market with on-demand lead generation.

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