No Micro-Managing

As business owners, we hate micro-management as much as you do. That's why we are going to use our specialty in social media management and marketing to change the game...
or should we say...
to pull you out of that bottomless pit of micro-management.

Our expertise in multiple industries will allow you to sit back and relax. Free yourself from creating posts and struggling with content. Let the PROS handle it.


Going to an event? Good for you!
Taking photos? Even better.
We don't complain about spontaneous content coming from you. Instead, we encourage you to do so. Because the key to social media management is to reflect your vision and growth.

Our confidence is supported by our click-and-drag scheduling system, which allows us to make bulk changes effectively. This flexibility allows you to send over your latest updates.

Never miss out on that sparkle of inspiration again.

Relationship Focused

Data is important. But don't get taken away.
Social media managers at Westerlund, Co approaches each account with a focus on audience and relationship.

What does that mean?

It means we do more than posting.
We also respond to comments and tagging. All responses are made by real humans.

No bots. We want to help build up your business-audience relationship with social media management.


"Social Media Marketing is much more than scheduling and posting. It is about the capability of creating a consistant voice and continually developing a brand's identity.”


Free Your Mind And Save Your Sanity

I'm going to tell you something...
not many other people would tell you.
You see...
There are things far more important than posting.
social media is a very small partof your overall marketing strategy.
We said it.

What we mean is...
social media management is crucial.
Because that's the only way you can focus on...

  • Growing your business in the physical world
  • Creating connections thru business outreach events
  • Becoming a better business owner
  • and..
    taking control of your business's future

Our Social Media Marketing Scope

We are pros in social media management.
Our capabilities include:

  1. Social media content creation
  2. Caption SEO (yes, social media also has SEO!)
  3. Hashtag marketing strategy (and not just on Instagram)
  4. Social Media Analytics

When you work with us, you will:

  • Free your hands and mind with hassel-free scheduling
  • Have more time to grow your business without worrying about social media
  • Maximize your account engagement with optimized content and posting schedule