B2B marketing has never been easier.
With us at Westerlund Co, you only pay for the services your business needs.
Each service package is customized according to client requirements.
Your success is our priority.


We will handle the techy aspect so you can focus on running your business -- realizing your dream.
B2B marketing is our expertise and we know the secrets behind the online competition.
Enjoy your company's digital marketing with zero micro-management today.


We are here to help you grow, as a business and as a human being.
We offer full training and consultation for business owners like you because we want to build a long-term relationship.
With our program, you will become more comfortable with growing your business in now time.


"Digial marketing, like every other marketing activity... is all about human relationships”


This Marketing Firm Will
Change Your Game

We Promise!

We have a confession to make.
When we tell our client it is okay to feel scared, we are lying.
No, it is not okay.
Because we know you are throwing away the opportunity...
to rank high on Google search page...
to own a responsive website...
to captures quality leads.
Because we also know that...
you are allowing fear to stop you from growing.
So, please...

Don’t do this to your business!

Instead, do this with our proven strategy to:

  1. 3x your website's monthly traffic;
  2. Reach the top of Google Search Results;
  3. Get into the door of that 200k-worth prospect...
    you've alwasy wanted to connect with!
  4. Power-up your networking and business outreach
    game knowing your marketing strategy catches up.
  5. Build your brand identity and...
    be seen!

Meet Your Digital Marketer :)



Small business marketing should be enjoyable, effective and accessible.

We say it’s enough.
Enough with...
the jargons and data...
that nobody understands.
Enough with...
the “Three Ways to Win Your Digital Marketing Game” lies.
(Seriously, did you ever believe in that crap?)
Enough with....
the “One Secret That Will Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Power”
-- because it doesn’t exist.
(If it does, we'd all be millionaire,
and our economy would collapse)

Here's the truth:
Each business is different.
Each entrepreneur has a different story.
So stop.
And remind yourself everyday that...
There is no skeleton key when it comes to digital marketing.
Professional digital marketers spend years to learn...
and spend more time to stay atop of the game.

At Westerlund, Co, we believe that your marketing strategy should be

  • enjoyable
  • effective
  • and accessible.

But, wait...
there's MORE!
*Drumrolls please!!*

Not only do we provide a full range of digital marketing services...
we also provide certified training programs for entrepreneurs and their future employees.
We want to educate you and your team about everything you need to know about B2B marketing...
We also want to share our information with you... you can grow your business to the next level.

We are providing more than services.
We build relationships.



Xiao is incredibly hard-working and skilled, and has truly become a member of our team. We trust her to take ownership over work she does for us, as well as work that we outsource to her for our clients, and we know she will perform well and deliver exceptional results. Her communication skills are great, and she always keeps us in the loop and informed of progress as she goes. I would highly recommend Xiao to support any business’s social media, digital marketing, or design efforts. I know she would be a value-add to any team or project!
— Ren Little, OTIS. LLC